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Universal-Fit Catalytic Converters
MagnaFlow Universal Catalytic Converters form the basic building blocks for a comprehensive line of direct-fit applications. The main benefit of the universal catalytic converter is that one unit may cover a wide variety of vehicle makes and models. Installing universal converters often requires the use of welding, cutting and tube bending equipment that is readily available to most professional installers. Click HERE to learn how to select the proper Universal Converter.

All 49-State (EPA) catalytic converters are OBD-II and EPA compliant.
All California State catalytic converters are CARB compliant.

*Please Note (per Federal standards):
If you're in California and you have a California Register'd vehicle you must search the California Catalog. If your vehicle is register'd outside of California please search the 49-State (USA & CANADA) Catalog.

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